The vast majority of our products come in one of the following forms illustrated below: Single coated, double coated, transfer film, self wound, and laminated construction. Slitting, laminating, and die-cutting of these products is also available.

Syntac Single-Coated Tape

Single Coated

A single coated tape is composed of a facing material that can be paper, film, foam, foil coated on one side with a pressure sensitive adhesive which is covered with a paper or film silicone release liner.

Our single coated tapes are used in applications including:

Medical electrodes, wound dressings, finger bandages, nasal dilators, HVAC applications, heat shielding, EFI shielding, tent and pool patching acoustical facings, surface protection and many more.

Syntac Double-Coated Tape

Double Coated

A double coated tape consists of a carrier that can be made of many materials but usually is a film or tissue. The adhesive is coated on both sides and covered by a two side silicone liner to allow for unwind.
These products offer the benefits of dimensional stability when laminated to extensible materials. They are also easier to slit and die-cut than transfer films. Two layers of adhesive also allow for using different adhesives on each side to bond surfaces that require different adhesive properties. Some applications include photo mounting, gasketing, splicing, and product assembly applications requiring a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other.
Syntac Self-Wound Tape

Self Wound

Self wound tapes consist of an adhesive coated on a substrate, creating a permanent bond between the two. Depending on the adhesive system and the substrate, silicone or another release agent may be coated on the face of the substrate to promote release. Self wound tapes can be made of film, foil, paper, foam, non-woven or woven materials.

Some self wound applications include seaming, splicing, HVAC uses and medical tapes.

Syntac Transfer Tape

Transfer Tape

Transfer films are an unsupported layer of adhesive coated directly on one side of a two side silicone. Transfer tapes provide the advantage of conformability, penetration into the cell structure of foams or weave of fabrics. Ultimate conformability can be achieved with our moldable transfer adhesives.

Applications include mounting of foam fabricated parts, laminating of adhesives in selective areas, membrane switch and faceplate assembly.

Custom Adhesive

If there is unique construction needed, we also can customize a construction that is a double coated tape but with another substrate attached to the exposed adhesive. Double laminated products can also be custom made which contain no exposed adhesive but have an adhesive sandwiched in-between several layers of material.