Product Assembly Adhesives

Shurtape Specialty develops custom adhesives to assemble components across a broad spectrum of products. Each assembly has its unique challenges. Given the challenges, Shurtape Specialty partners not only with you but also with the entire product to ensure the assembly meets the highest level of quality standards and customer satisfaction. Shurtape Specialty continually works to meet ongoing challenges and unique needs of product assemblies.

  • We had an adhesion problem that we could not resolve. Our expertise was building equipment for our consumers and not in adhesion techniques. Syntac, now Shurtape Specialty Coating,  spent the extra effort to meet with our customer's customer and spent the time to lend their expertise in order to solve the problem. They had the highest level of competency to identify the root cause. They not only identified the root cause but also they came in to train the team on the lamination techniques for the product. It is this relentless pursuit of performance that made them our first choice.

    Leading Supplier of Fitness Equipment
  • Solar Panel: Built as long life adhesive systems that can withstand resistance to the environmental conditions.
  • Windmill/Turbine Blades: Synshield abrasion resistant blade protection film that protects the blades from weathering, sand, and other environmental conditions.