Healthcare Adhesive Solutions

Shurtape Specialty works with various OEMs to develop bandages, wound dressings, electrodes, tube stabilizers, and more. Our class 10,000 clean room provides a vertical solution for our customer. Shurtape Specialty works to meet ongoing changes and unique needs of the healthcare industry. 

  • Syntac, now Shurtape Specialty Coating, worked with us to develop artwork including the box design and the graphics for our consumer facing products. In our industry the branding on the adhesive and the uniqueness of the slitting plays a major role with our end customers. Their willingness to help pursue our goals as a leader in healthcare tapes made our partnership even stonger.

    Distribution Leader Tapes for Hospital Supplies
  • Bandages: Specialty coated films and fabrics for finger bandages.
  • Electrodes: Coated foams and fabrics specifically designed for such applications as electrosurgical grounding pads, stress test, EKG, or monitoring electrodes.
  • Medical Tapes: Skin friendly adhesive tapes designed for a variety of uses that range from components of professional medical devices to in-home use medical tape
  • Wound Dressings: High performing tapes comprised of urethane and medical grade adhesives designed for flexibility and breathability.