Electronics Adehsives

Shurtape Specialty creates performance products to meet ever-shrinking space constraints in the industry. Shurtape Specialty develops adhesives that have high molecular weight, tack, and long term stability, which undergo extensive testing which is essential to the unique needs of the electronics industry.

  • Syntac, now Shurtape Specialty Coating, gave us the ability to move from hand production to robot production by providing us with a product that reduced our cycle time from 45 seconds to 6 seconds. The lamination of the material to the product was complicated and the previous products was not a highly creative solution. They observed our lamination process and they went back to the lab to provide us with a few samples of a less complex part with a punchout. We were beyond happy with the innovative technique they provided our team. They have gone above and beyond our expectations and as a result has become a great partner.

    Electronics Manufacturer
  • Circuit boards: High heat resistant for wave soldering and resistant to solvent wash, while meeting the industry’s outgassing specs and maintaining superior performance.
  • Disk Drive: Dampens vibration and delivers enhanced performance.
  • Handheld Device: Adhesive used for gasketing, product assembly, and surface protection to deliver a superior product.