Construction Adhesives

Shurtape Specialty develops proprietary adhesive solutions in order to meet ongoing environmental demands and regulations (RoHS) for our customers to differentiate themselves. We have the ability to create unique visual products that appeal to the customers branding strategy. Shurtape Specialty works to meet ongoing changes and unique needs of the construction industry.

  • Syntac, now Shurtape Specialty Coating,  is more than a partner, they are one of the best teammates to have for any product design. They worked with us to develop artwork including the box design and the graphics for our consumer facing products. In our industry the branding on the adhesive and the uniqueness of the converting plays a major role with our end customers identifying the correct product to comply with construction standards. Their willingness to help pursue our goals as a leader in construction adhesive made our partnership even stronger.

    Distribution Leader in Barrier Tapes for Construction
  • Anti-Terrorism Window Film: Seals window glass to prevent damage and/or shattering from bullets, heavy objects, and other assault items.
  • Insulation/Pipe Wrap: Adhesive tape used to secure pipe insulation.
  • Seaming Tapes: Splicing tapes to bind various construction materials such as foam board, house wrap and other barrier films.
  • Window Glazing: Adhesive coated barrier laminations and foams used for sealing and mounting.