We work closely with our clients across multiple industries. Below is a sampling of the sectors for which we have developed adhesive and lamination products. We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs.


Transportation Adhesive Solutions

Shurtape Specialty develops solutions which serve a variety customers including but not limited to the automotive, commercial vehicles, agriculture, and marine sector. Our adhesives reduce rattling and squeaking, shield heat, and dampen noise. Shurtape Specialty works to meet the ongoing changes and unmet needs of the transportation industry.


Healthcare Adhesive Solutions

Shurtape Specialty works with various OEMs to develop bandages, wound dressings, electrodes, tube stabilizers, and more. Our class 10,000 clean room provides a vertical solution for our customer. Shurtape Specialty works to meet ongoing changes and unique needs of the healthcare industry.


Construction Adhesives

Shurtape Specialty develops proprietary adhesive solutions in order to meet ongoing environmental demands and regulations (RoHS) for our customers to differentiate themselves. We have the ability to create unique visual products that appeal to the customers branding strategy. Shurtape Specialty works to meet ongoing changes and unique needs of the construction industry.


Electronics Adehsives

Shurtape Specialty creates performance products to meet ever-shrinking space constraints in the industry. Shurtape Specialty develops adhesives that have high molecular weight, tack, and long term stability, which undergo extensive testing which is essential to the unique needs of the electronics industry.

Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts Adhesives

Shurtape Specialty's broad array of solutions meet the challenges of highly visibility signage, overhead signs, and picture mounting including bright, bold, and invisible products. From printing plates to display creation Shurtape Specialty meets needs at all stages product design. Shurtape Specialty continually works to meet ongoing changes and unique needs of the graphic arts industry.

Product Assembly

Product Assembly Adhesives

Shurtape Specialty develops custom adhesives to assemble components across a broad spectrum of products. Each assembly has its unique challenges. Given the challenges, Shurtape Specialty partners not only with you but also with the entire product to ensure the assembly meets the highest level of quality standards and customer satisfaction. Shurtape Specialty continually works to meet ongoing challenges and unique needs of product assemblies.